Using a holistic approach, we build a bridge for children of incarcerated parents in an effort to bring hope and restoration to the family structure.

BBB Solution

Why BBB Is Needed

Bicyclist Building Brides provides FREE Transportation  to and from any Correctional Facility in the State of South Carolina  to children and their caregivers every  three months .

Children have the opportunity to build and connect with their incarcerated parent 4 times a year.

2.7 million children in the US suffer socially, emotionally, and economically as a result of parental incarceration. 

59 percent of fathers and 58 percent of mothers receive no personal visits from any of their children. 

Caregivers face many challenges and obstacles including limited transportation for visits.

Resources and Programs and limited to support the children left behind after parental incarceration.

Bicyclist Building Bridges, creating programs for children and families to help them bond with their incarcerated loved one and other families sharing the same experience.

Bicyclist Building Bridges will assist with counseling, clothing, school supplies, meals and transportation for visitations.

What We Do

Bicyclist Building Bridges

We help children  Visit their incarcerated parent At No Cost To The Family